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Kyle Bryant Hickerson

April 27, 2021


Father, Son, Fiancé, Brother, Grandson, Nephew, Cousin, Friend. A hat Kyle wore for each of the people in his life. He loved hard, he fought hard...he rode hard. There was nothing ‘half-assed’ that came from this man. He had the innate ability to make anyone laugh, even at the most inappropriate times. He would give you the shirt off his back if it meant you’d be ok. His heart was bigger than life...and so was his smile. He touched so many lives and we’re thankful for that, it keeps little pieces of him alive all around the world. He was stubborn and hard headed, but could let the little nuances that irritated everyone else roll off his shoulders like water on a duck’s back. 

Kyle had this ability to excel in everything he did, much to the chagrin of his sister. School was easy for him...he was so smart...and a smart ass. There’s nothing he couldn’t do. He was a top wrestler in the state of Idaho in high school, he picked up motocross and soon became a huge contender around the Pacific Northwest as a semi-pro, as a child he made his youth baseball All-Star team in Mtn Home and 20 years later picked up a softball and played like he hadn’t missed a beat. He raced go-karts with his Motörhead loving family at seven years old and collected trophy after trophy. Shockingly this led Kyle to a rather absorbent amount of traffic citations when he discovered street racing. The mechanical ability on him was beyond what anyone could call talent...we can only imagine how much money he’s saved his family by fixing their vehicles. This made him a perfect crew member for the ACHD, a job he’d loved and had always wanted. In the most beautiful, peaceful and raw way, music spoke to Kyle...he had a bond with the words that he could not express in words himself. It’s something he cherished and shared with the ones he loved.

Kyle leaves behind two children, who were the light of his life, Jace William Hickerson and Brenlynn Noel Hickerson;  A fiancé, Sarah Hannah, who’s spirit and soul are made of the purest elements on this earth; A mother, Susan Hickerson who loved her son with her entire being and more; A father, Bob Hickerson, who was genuinely his best friend; A sister Carrie Hickerson Hoshaw who was his self proclaimed body guard; Two nephews, Conner Bryant Hoshaw, Colby Warren Hoshaw, and a niece, Camryn Mae Hoshaw; A brother in law, Chris Hoshaw; Grandparents, Sonny and Carolyn Hickerson, along with numerous aunts, uncles and cousins all up and down the east coast, especially in his favorite place, Jersey.

Kyle, we pray you have found the peace you’ve been searching’ve hurt for so long. I hope you’re heart is light, your mind is clear and that you’re there to greet us when our time comes. And never forget, Brother, like Dad always told us, ‘I am myself, like you somehow’. I couldn’t have been more proud to have been cut from the same cloth as you. Love, Sister.

Life isn’t fair and it’s messy and it’s cruel...but we all know one thing to be true, ‘If Love Could Have Saved You, You Could Have Lived Forever’. WFO #731



Funeral Service
May 8, 2021

12:00 PM
Cloverdale Memorial Park, Boise

Graveside Service
May 8, 2021

1:00 PM
Cloverdale Memorial Park
1200 N Cloverdale Rd
Boise, ID 83713

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