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Sheila Esskew Mansfield

November 10, 1960 ~ July 6, 2017 (age 56)

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Celebration Of Life
July 13, 2017

6:00 PM to 12:00 PM
Life Church
3225 E. Commercial Ct
Meridian, ID 83642

Private Interment

Terrace Lawn Memorial Gardens
4225 E Fairview Ave
Meridian, ID 83642

Today we celebrate the life and memories of Sheila Mansfield. A wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, daughter, aunt, niece, cousin, and forever faithful friend who just won her final worldly battle in this lifetime. Sheila shed her beautiful yet frail, broken, and mortal body for a new and glorified one on July 6, 2017 at 4 PM.

On November 10, 1960 Sheila Esskew was born in you Eureka California as the second child to her parents Reba Esskew and Louis Frankie Esskew only preceded by her oldest sister Carole, but would soon be followed by 7 rowdy and rambunctious brothers through her growing years. Louis jr. (Skeet), Tim, James, Rick, Jeff, Terry, and Roger. The whole bunch, while growing up together, knew how to have fun, laugh, get into trouble (and usually how to weasel out of it too), by being close and holding onto each other in good and bad time even if, at times, it was holding around the neck.

Sheila's adventures into the world on her own started young. As a teenager, she road with a rebel biker club, hitchhiked and travelled over much of the country, and gave birth to 3 beautiful children. "Little Eli" who she lost at birth; Reba, who healed her broken heart with new and overflowing joy; and Ricky, her son full of life and never quit-never fail attitude and love.

Sheila was told by doctors that she probably would not live past 21, but she proved them wrong...and she continued defying the mandates in this world over and over because she just had too much love and life in her she needed to live and give.

Even though Sheila swore to her self and her children that she would probably never settle down or commit herself to one person, in May 1983 Sheila met Mike Mansfield who she would soon call her husband. They met in a bowling Alley, Glenfair bowling lanes, Glendale Arizona. They fell in love and on July 19, 1983 the committed themselves through personal vows of love between each other and God to become husband and wife. On April 21st, 1984, they were married.

Together, with her new family in Mike and 2 children, Sheila's next chapter unfolded. 2 more beautiful daughters were brought into her life, Sheena and Ashley . Life for Sheila was always still simple, life was grand, even through hardships and pains Sheila found the importance in finding laughter and joy.

The only time in her life which was her darkest was when she lost her son Rick in a car accident in October, 1995 and Reba was critically injured. Her whole family became distant at the loss, hearts were broken. Yet again, Sheila mended the broken as best she could through her love and perseverance but it took time.

Sheila's next glorious chapter began when she became a grandmother in 1998 with the birth of Alahzay, her granddaughter soon to be followed by 9 more grandchildren. Brittnie, Daija, Trevor, Colby, Kyler, Trinity, Darion, Corvyn, and Daniel. Sheila became full again.

In 2006, Sheila fought the beast of cancer and won! Life began anew yet again! She and husband, Mike, renewed their love and together started the chapter as grandparents with planning the dreams for the growing family and growing old together.

Then, a miracle which Sheila was never sure she would see happened. A gift from God through her granddaughter Alahzay came into her world on Alahzay's birthday. She found little Lenaia, her beautiful little great granddaughter on her doorstep. Sheila's heart overflowed yet again.

In January 2016, Sheila's final chapter in this lifetime began. She was rediagnosed with metastatic cancer. But, even this news didn't slow her down either. Sheila found the final puzzle piece of her life's search and journey when she found the One who could truly love her unconditionally and know her fully when she found where she could embrace her Heavenly Father and Saviour Jesus, by finding Life Church Boise. 

The next 18 month journey had it potholes, agonizing pains, discouragement, twists and turns. But every day, Sheila found ways to never lose hope, never lose love, always persevere, and most of all share herself, her life and love as a witness to God's love with others. She awe inspired, amazed, surprised, and transformed so many people.

We can go on for hours and days talking about Sheila's life adventures, journeys, and friends, and we should ... with each other.

Sheila lives on in everyone she met and touched. She never ever forgot you and she lives on in a better place now where she will always be there for each and every one of us.


When Sheila entered this world, she brought a little piece of heaven with her. God planted the seed of life, hope, and unconditional love in Sheila. She embraced it, always watered it, pruned it, and unselfishly gave of its fruit to each of us always. She had numerous trials in life, but she never ever knew how to do anything but love and give of what she had and who she was in every adventure in her journey...she's an angel in everyones eyes.

Honor her by taking the seed of her life she gave to you by doing the same with each other and everyone you meet. Grow to know its source if her Father in Heaven as she did.


Each one of you are her living memorial... always.


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