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Cemetery Flower and Grave Decorations


Real or artificial flowers may be placed on graves in a vase approved by the cemetery and that is permanently affixed to a bronze memorial, granite base, crypt front or niche front per cemetery regulations. All flowers must be held securely in such a way that they will not fall or blow out of the vase or float out should the vase fill with rainwater.  Flowers or decorations may not encroach on any other space.


All grave decorations must fit securely in the approved cemetery vase and may not be placed on or affixed to the bronze or granite memorial or the front of crypts or niches. Flower pots may not be placed on graves. No glass or ceramic of any kind is allowed.

No digging or planting of any kind is permitted around the memorial or the grave unless done by the cemetery personnel. No rocks, coping, fencing, shepherd’s hooks, lights, pinwheels or any other objects maybe placed around the memorial or grave.

All grave decorations will be removed when they become damaged or unsightly, and prior to mowing, at the Cemetery’s discretion. Holiday decorations will be removed within 10 days after the holiday. All flowers and graveside flags will be removed the Monday following Memorial Day.

Flowers and any other items that have been removed during clean-up periods may be discarded by the Cemetery or temporarily stored, at the Cemetery’s sole discretion.

Visitors may not remove vases, flowers or grave decorations from graves other than their own.

The Cemetery is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to vases, flowers, grave decorations or any other items placed on graves or memorials.

The Cemetery is also not liable for flowers, grave decorations or any other items collected during the Cemetery clean-ups.

Silk Floral Placement Programs are available.  Please contact us for details.  

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Cemetery Flower and Grave Decorations

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