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Our family would like to thank Cloverdale Funeral Home, and especially Guy Casablanca for assisting us with the services for our dear Mother, Sara Ann Barker. We are very grateful for Guy's professionalism and compassion during that difficult time. He explained our options, and assisted with ensuring that The Viewing, and Grave-side Services were beautiful and comforting experiences for all those involved and that attended. In addition, Guy was extremely helpful with helping family members dress Mom, and also making sure that her hair and make-up were as she would have wanted. Those that attended The Viewing, and/or Grave-side Service were very impressed with his professionalism, demeanor and graciousness.

Once again, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Cloverdale Funeral Home and to Guy Casablanca.

The Barker Family
June 30, 2021

Our family recently lost my 90 year old father, Andrew L Manos. From the moment Paul Kerr arrived I was more at peace knowing what great care Paul had taken with our mom almost 3 years prior. He allowed me once again to assist with grooming etc and took great pains to place my dad's bible just the way we wanted before viewing. His desire for us to be pleased was evident with each attention to detail
Then I met with Vickie Roper, Funeral Director, a kind and most generous soul who understood my every need to see to my dad's memorial the best we could. She worked diligently with everything we took her and along with Michelle Nicholson put together a lovely DVD of my dad's life arranged to music. The surprises I received at the viewing are too many to tell but one was a tree collage picture. So beautiful. I knew what to expect after having arranged funerals for each of our parents but we're never prepared enough so having a soul like Vickie to work with was wonderful.
Vickie had told me Funeral Home Manager, Jake Garn would be assisting us on this particular Saturday. We were once again delighted to be greeted by a lovely human being, serving his passion well. I had never seen family be included in the closing of the casket and was so privileged to be asked to place a beautiful covering over my father's legs, tuck the edges of surround and bid goodbye similar to what I had done so many times these last months.
Throughout the viewing on Friday, the service Saturday and the reception/luncheon we had wonderful assistants, Ambassadors Larry & Linda McGhee who served us so well.
I cannot say enough to thank the staff and Cloverdale Funeral Home for all they did for our family.
Blessings to you all.

Andrea Preston
September 25, 2020

Our family would like to thank Cloverdale Funeral Home and Vickie Roper for all their assistance after our mom passed away. We appreciate the professionalism and compassion shown to our family as we made final arrangements to have our mom buried next to our Dad. It was a relief to have the paperwork and arrangements taken care of and to know that mom was well taken care of.

May 20, 2020

Our mother, Katherine Virginia Almquist passed away April 24, 2020, at 98 years old. Losing a mother that has been in your life for many years is extremely difficult. Our first contact at Cloverdale was with Vickie Roper who was caring, compassionate, and showed genuine concern making every decision we had to make much easier. I had always heard from other people in my life to expect high pressure sales, but that was not the case at Cloverdale. I felt like Vicki truly cared and wanted to be as helpful as possible. My brother, son and myself went to the mortuary for a viewing. My mother looked wonderful. Karla did a terrific job on her hair, especially when we had not been able to get her hair cut because of the covid virus. Although I did not see Paul he did an excellent job with make up and dressing our mother. Finally , again because of the virus we could only do a grave side service. When we arrived it was a beautiful site and Vicki and Larry were there to greet us. The professionalism throughout this entire experience was more than I thought I could expect. Thank you, Vickie, Paul, Larry, Karla.

Sharon Job
May 14, 2020

On April 17, 2020, my Mom, Peggy Peck-Rousseau passed away at age 91. Vicki Roper assisted me through the planning process of transporting my Mom from Boise, Idaho to Spokane Washington for burial services. Vickie was professional, knowledgeable and compassionate through this process. Vickie took care of all matters which brought peace and comfort to the family. Thank You!

Robert Peck
April 29, 2020

I would like to Thank Vickie Roper and Jacob for the care they gave my family during this difficult time. It was especially stressful with the Corona Virus causing additional issues and anxiety. But they were professional and patient, and so kind during the process. Thanks again for being understanding and sympathetic.

Paula Brown and Family
April 28, 2020

This CFH is incredible place to say a temporary goodbye to your love ones.

We gave it a 5 stars, highly recommendable!

Ya all went above the call of duty to accommodated us in the midst of this ongoing global pandemic, to name just a few: Vickie the funeral director, Vickie, your words really conformed and full of compassion and we felt like that you shared our grief and our pains of losing our momma. Thanks a lot Vickie, you're an excellent asset for CFH.

Jake and Tom, thank you for your words and thank you for letting us have unlimited time of viewing of our momma the last time and Paul as well.

And finally Jake, thank you thank you for your kindness of letting us video recording on the graveside and let me conducted a impromptu graveside service for Truyen. Jake and your team never know what all this meant for our family. Truyen still has a lot of relatives in Vietnam because of your awesomeness Jake, we were able to sent these videos to Vietnam. Ya all truly amazing and we are ever grateful. Thank you and thank you. Be safe and be healthy to you and yours. Toa/Thuy Pham

Thoa (Toa)/Thuy Pham
April 16, 2020

I want to commend Cloverdale Funeral Home for the outstanding customer service and Memorial service all of you provided for our family. We were all very, very impressed. The room was very classy, your staff; Vickie Roper, Bob, Larry, Linda & Curt, were all very pleasant, professional and competent, and instilled confidence in me immediately, that everything would be taken care of with great respect and responsibility. That peace of mind was such a gift. When we first met to discuss planning, I didn't realize all service and detail provided for the fee of the room. Clearly now, I get it, and am so glad we had the service at Cloverdale. We were just so proud to present such a tasteful service to family and friends. We felt everyone one of you really cared about us and the outcome of the service, and that it was more than just a "job" to be done. Vickie was incredible. Supportive, guiding, provided good input to help us with decision making. We were all very pleased with the last minute change in decision to open the casket at the end of the service.
And if you are concerned about cosmetology skills or service, you can't go to a better place!
Paul performed services on my mother 8 years ago, and I was blown away! I could not believe what a great job he did and could could hardly stop talking about it. Well, I didn't think it was possible, but he out did himself this week with my Dad. How in the world he captured that unique and personal expression on my Dad's face, I have no idea. It was absolutely incredible. A God given talent? Or a spiritual connection with God to perform the exquisite work he does, I don't know, but it is quite amazing!
I would definitely recommend Cloverdale Funeral Home for your loved ones.

Dana Clemeaux
January 19, 2020

We would like to thank Cloverdale Funeral Home, and Vickie Roper in particular for all the help provided in our time of need. Vickie was/is extremely knowledgeable, professional, yet down to earth and easy to talk to and work with. She seemed to go out of her way to assist us in a couple of our wishes and needs, and cannot be thanked enough. The After Care program offered by Cloverdale is beyond compare; although we have nothing to compare it with. The services provided at no cost to the family is invaluable in helping get the family through numerous issues including, social security, life insurance issues, and many more. Thanks so much Cloverdale and Vickie; we will be sure to recommend your services to anyone requiring them.

Mark and Denise Young
January 16, 2020

My family and I would like to sincerely thank Vickie Roper and other Cloverdale staff members for their wonderful guidance toward helping us in our choices and decisions in organizing our service for our mother, Roberta E. Powell. Our mother passed away quickly and peacefully on December 27th, 2019. Even with the usual busyness of the Christmas & New Year's holiday season, Vickie was able to meet with my siblings and I the following Monday. Vickie was so professional and so informative in handling our meeting. She was also very kind and caring toward our loss. She did a wonderful job in that meeting and then continued to be so available and helpful in the following few days before Mom's service took place.
Now Vickie continues to help with those things that are needed in the process after the death of a loved one. She has been a wonderful help to all of us in a very kind, caring and respectful way. Our family is truly grateful toward Cloverdale's staff and most especially Vickie Roper.

Julianne Ball
January 9, 2020

There are no words that could describe the gratitude that my family and me feel when we chose the Cloverdale Funeral Home to handle very sad and solemn duties to see of my our mother/mother-in-law to the final journey departing this life. The Cloverdale did almost impossible in only two days to go through the myriad of the paperwork and organizational/ logistic issues with professional efficiency and speed usually reserved for the close family members and they did it for us!

Especially, we want to thank Jake Garn for almost inhuman efforts to accommodate our schedule, help every way possible to solve all issues or avoid them in the first place and make impossible - possible. It is truly Jake's calling to soften the pain that people experience losing the loved ones and it's a gift from Above that we met Jake in such a difficult time for which we forever grateful.

Thank you, Cloverdale Funeral Home and thank you, Jake Garn!

Elena and Alex Zlochevsky
January 8, 2020

We very recently lost our son to a tragic accident while installing Christmas lights on the roof of his house. After 14 days of being in the hospital, our son passed away and we were completely worn out and then had to turn to arranging funeral services for him. We anticipated a large attendance because many of his co-workers would likely attend, so we looked for a funeral home with a large chapel, a very nice quiet cemetery, and a place to hold a reception following the services. Cloverdale Funeral Home had all of these things available. That is when we met Vickie Roper. a most compassionate, professional funeral director we have ever dealt with in these extremely difficult times. She did an absolutely beautiful job from beginning to end with strict attention to all our questions and making sure that we covered every detail including preparing a memorial video with all the songs we wanted, finding us the perfect pastor to lead the services, providing extra staff to assist visitors during the services, moving things from the chapel to the event center for the reception, photographing all the flowers with the names of who sent them, delivering the flowers to the family home, and more. Vickie was very easy to work with all the way through this sad ordeal and treated us just like we were part of her family. We came away from this service feeling like we had truly found a new dear friend who completely understood what we needed and she took care of every detail to complete satisfaction. At the end, Cloverdale even provided After Care Services, free of charge, to help the family learn what steps needed to be done in contacting insurance companies, the social security administration, financial institutions and may other types of services that were going to be needed in order to move forward. Although After care can not provide legal advice, they do help substantially in getting the estate process started. We were very pleased with everything that Cloverdale Funeral Home did for our family. Thank you so much, Vickie! You were wonderful.

Sherrod France
January 5, 2020

Vickie Roper has been such a huge help to my wife and I in dealing long distance with the loss of a loved one! She has been professional, efficient, caring, compassionate and has helped us handle the many details involved. We are truly thankful for her and for Cloverdale in helping us in this difficult situation! Vince Galarza

Vince Galarza
December 14, 2019

We have been very impressed with Cloverdale, especially Vickie Roper. We have had to deal long distance with details and arrangements in the passing of a family member. From the beginning Vickie reached out to us in a very kind, compassionate, professional manner, helping us through a very difficult time! Vince and Carolyn Galarza

Vince Galarza
December 14, 2019

I want to thank Vickie and Nancy for helping my brother and me with all the steps for putting my mom to rest. Their recommendations on going with a bench to hold the ashes and the placement of the bench near other family members in the cemetery were excellent and all our near and far away family and friends were thrilled. We look forward to sitting on mom's bench and looking at the mountains and rise of the sun.

Michael McDonnell
November 18, 2019

My mom has recently passed away and had previously bought a plot at Cloverdale Funeral Home. So without question or hesitation we proceeded to contact the funeral home. Their staff are amazing. Vicki was such a blessing when it came to making arrangements for my mom. She was there around the clock and answered questions in a very timely manner. The whole process was made very easy with very caring staff.

November 16, 2019

My Mom had only lived in Boise for 1 year before she passed away at 94 years old. She already had final arrangements made in California so when we met with Vicki and others at Cloverdale to complete her cremation and get the paperwork together to transport her remains to her final resting place next to Dad, the process was well explained and comfortable. I appreciated their positive and friendly approach without "sappiness". Vicki is easy to talk to and able to answer your questions and concerns. Thank you for being there for us.

Barbara Splaine
November 5, 2019

My father recently passed away, and we turned to Cloverdale to handle the arrangements for his memorial, etc.. From the get-go, Vickie Roper was easy to work with, efficient and compassionate. We didn't feel pressure to do anything extra. We held his memorial in the event center on site, and were thrilled with how it turned out. Linda and Larry took care of everything, to the smallest detail, and that enabled us to just be with family and friends and honor my father.

Sabrina Shalz
October 16, 2019

Vickie Roper and the staff at Cloverdale were kind, understanding and professional in setting up the perfect celebration of life for Tim. Vickie took extra steps to highlight his passions and hobbies. Thank you to the entire team at Cloverdale for making this difficult time a little less stressful.

Randie Shelton
October 7, 2019

My mother Anne Nelson passed away on July 4th 2019.
I worked with Vicki at Cloverdale. It was very smooth and easy. My sister came home 5 days after mom passed and was still able to view my mom’s body. That was huge for her.
Thank you for all the support Vicki.

Regan Golob
September 3, 2019

We had previously written a testimonial concerning our son's (Aaron Link's) funeral service. What we forgot to mention was that it turned out beautiful and honorable due to the extra efforts of Vickie Roper. We are forever grateful!

Jim and Pam Link
July 24, 2019

Vickie Roper and the staff at Cloverdale Funeral Home did an outstanding job in guiding us through a very difficult time. Vickie was professional and caring. She helped us with every aspect of our memorial service and gave us the guidance we needed to provide a memorial service which honored our wife and mother. Additionally, the event center staff did a great job with our reception. Thanks to all.

Mark Graham and JenniferCarrino
July 7, 2019

Thank-you to Jacob Wolfe and his sincere caring / professional attitude in taking care of my Dad's funeral service. He put me at ease during this difficult time. I appreciated his genuine concern.

Wally Lee
July 4, 2019

I loved the way they talked about my Mom. They said they would have her under their care. I could not have asked for a better experience at such a tough time. Vickie Roper went above and beyond. She has been patient, thoughtful, and caring throughout. I never felt pressured in any way to rush my decisions or purchase anything. I asked for a lock of my mother’s hair a little late in the process and they did it without question. They reassured me about viewing her and offered a peaceful pretty place to do so. Thank you all so much, especially Vickie, I can tell she truly cares.

Carrie Bailey
May 30, 2019

The professional staff at Cloverdale made a very difficult task bearable. Vickie Roper was especially helpful in guiding us through all of the arrangements for the service and beyond to the burial. A big “Thank You” to Vickie and her staff at Cloverdale. Your guidance and caring were very much appreciated.

May 6, 2019

We were thrilled with the care, comfort, and support of Cloverdale Funeral Home. All the staff was professioal and helpful but Vickie Roper really stepped up. She helped us with all the arrangments for the service. She put together the memory of Mom in pictures and it turned out so wonderful. She put together the memorial brochure and it was perfect. We held the memorial service at the Gibson funeral chapel there next to the office and what a classy place. My mom was a painter and we displayed Her work in the foyer entrance. Vickie and Cloverdale come highly recommended by our family

Steve Noland and Family
April 16, 2019

Congratulations to funeral director Guy Casablanca for his compassion and artistry at a memorial service I recently officiated. His empathy for the family and his extraordinary talent in warmly personalizing the Event Center were outstanding.

Chaplain Tom Robinson
April 9, 2019

Vickie Roper was amazing. She was able to guide us through a difficult time and achieve the results we were looking for without being forward or giving us a sales pitch. Really great customer service. Highly recommend Cloverdale Funeral Home!

Andrew Myers
March 19, 2019

Thank you to the staff and Vickie Roper. You made a difficult time bearable. Vickie helped to make this transition as smooth as possible. She saw that we were taken care of the entire way. Thank you.

Lynda Kelbaugh
March 19, 2019

The staff here is truly amazing and helpful! Tina was especially so wonderful at helping me find the burial location for my ancestor so that I could continue my family tree research. I'm glad to have encountered such a friendly employee.

March 8, 2019

From the moment I called Cloverdale Funeral Home to let them know of mom's passing, Guy Casablanca was there every step of the way. He met with my family for two hours, and it seemed like we were the only people he had to see that day. All of our questions were answered and our concerns were addressed with patience and compassion. The viewing, Mass, and every other facet went seamlessly and were handled with the utmost professionalism.

Thank you to Guy and the team at Cloverdale.

March 4, 2019

Traci Trefaller-Smith
March 4, 2019

A friend of ours passed away in January 2019 and we were responsible for his funeral arrangements. He had the foresight to purchase a funeral policy with Cloverdale Funeral Home in 2006. We did not know what to expect when we called to make an appointment with them. What should we ask? Were we doing the appropriate things? Vickie Roper was reassuring and knowledgeable of the details in the contract. We know she was just “doing her job” but we felt like her most valuable customer. We appreciated her simplicity, integrity and the genuine compassion she offered us at both of our meetings. Vickie, you have our deepest appreciation for your fine services and the caring attention of your staff.

Stan & Valencia Garrett
February 27, 2019

Our dad passed away unexpectedly and we didn’t know where to begin as far as making funeral arrangements. We called Cloverdale Funeral Home and met with their amazing funeral Director, Vickie Roper. She was so kind and compassionate, helped us find a package appropriate for our needs and for honoring our dad. Vickie and the staff have gone above and beyond for us, we cannot express how grateful we are to them! As difficult as it was losing our dad, we are so thankful we found Cloverdale Funeral Home, as they really came along side us and helped make this an easier transition for our family! We are forever grateful!

The Chand Family

Ana Chanf
February 9, 2019

Vickie Roper, and David Solova, helped my neighbor and me today with that difficult task that all of us must face eventually. Ms Roper's professionalism, empathy, sympathy, and knowledge are top-notch. She worked with us, carefully explaining everything, in a positive and personable way. She and Mr Solova most definitely made a rough and rocky path smooth and effortless for us; and they have earned our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

David J Ives
January 26, 2019

It is always hard to lose a loved one, even when you are expecting it. Vickie Roper was wonderful in assisting me with all that needed to be done when my father in law passed away. She gave us many great suggestions to show what a wonderful person he was. She took care of everything, moving the tables with mementos from the viewing room to the reception room. Making sure everyone there was comfortable and being taken care of. She and her staff make a tough day a whole lot easier. Thank you Vickie and your staff. You are very much appreciated.

Berd Roe
January 14, 2019

Jake Garn not only helped me to take care of my mother's arrangements in a peaceful and professional fashion, but he was also able to help me to take care of religious observances that meant a great deal to me. I am very greatful for the understanding, insight and experience he brought to the preparations for my mother. Though her passing came at a difficult time of the year (December 23rd), I could not have asked for a better experience than I had at Cloverdale. Thank you so much Jake for being able to answer ALL of my questions, for taking the time to go over all of the options, and for guiding me in how to create the best experience possible for the rest of my family and for my mother's friends. Because of your expertise I feel like we were able to not only meet my mother's wishes, but also all of the emotional needs of those close to her. You are a wonderful blessing!

Tina Peterson
January 9, 2019

We have uploaded our Cloverdale Funeral Home Testimonial in video format at https://www.facebook.com/digiot/videos/10218739811712697/

Vickie L. Roper and the rest of the staff at Cloverdale Funeral Home made the passing of our father, all the details and issues that accompany the loss of a loved one as smooth as humanly possible. They take care of all the things you really don't want to deal with at such a time.I have nothing but the highest regard for their service...

Stuart Lee Keck
Grand Coulee, WA.

Stuart Keck
January 9, 2019

I would like to thank Vickie Roper for the care she took in assisting my husband and I with arrangements for my Mother in Law. It is never a good time to endure the loss of a family member, however, experiencing loss during this time of year is extremely difficult. Vickie was very knowledgeable and we could tell that she has a passion to help others. Her care paired with the amenities the facility provides truly make the difference. I appreciate Vickie and Cloverdale for the thoughtfulness provided during such a difficult time.

Kelly A
January 3, 2019

During one of the most difficult times of my life, Jake and Michelle gave me and my family peace of mind. They were both very caring and were able to answer all our questions and concerns in a timely and professional manner. Most importantly, I knew my grandma was in good hands. They treated my family as if it were their own.

Jacqie Groat
December 28, 2018

I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude and how thankful I am for the help that Jake Garn gave us during my family’s difficult time. When these unexpected life events happen it is so nice to have someone there that understands the process and is there to help. Thank you for being so caring during this time.

Ashley Bankhead
December 22, 2018

I had to take a moment and say how truly grateful we are to have had the experience to work with Jake Garn. He was kind, caring, and very generous. This is always a difficult time in people’s lives, and having someone treat us with such respect, brings a positivity to an otherwise difficult time.

Ashley Bankhead
December 20, 2018

During the most difficult time of my life, I was able to turn to Cloverdale Funeral Home to arrange the memorial service for my husband. I met with Vicki Roper, who immediately put me at ease that I would be heard and that my husband's final wishes would be respected. Vicki helped me to take each step to assure that we had a beautiful memorial service and followed up with me to make sure that the military service and internment would go smoothly at the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery as well. One can never be fully prepared for such a loss, however, Vicki made sure that I was accommodated in making a video presentation and coordinated with me to make sure that I was pleased with everything. I can never Thank Cloverdale Funeral Home enough for making this process so much easier.

Karen Koon
December 9, 2018

In October, 2017 my brothers and I lost our 89 year old mother, Juanita C. Lazore Ashton. We were assisted through every aspect of planning a special and honorable service for her by Josh Stoddard. He patiently and professionally saw that every detail we requested was tended to. He suggested we represent things she loved in life at her vigil. He asked us to bring one of our hot air balloons, which we did. She loved the 40 years of ballooning we had in the Treasure Valley. He arranged her Native American group to honor her with music, and blended a Catholic service integrated with special parts. Josh then assisted us in photo remembrances that were so outstanding in creativity and content that people still comment on how unique her service and remembrance cards were. We were grateful to have the staff at Cloverdale Funeral Home provide mom with a perfect vigil and funeral. We highly recommend choosing Cloverdale Funeral Home in your time of need. Having such a caring professional staff made our hardest time more bearable and thanks to them, we will always feel we did the very best to honor her amazing life. Thank you.

Deana Ashton
April 10, 2018

Wanted to tell you guys thank you so much for all that you did to help us lay our sweet grandmother to rest on January 19, 2018. We could not have asked for a better experience!

Sincerely ,

Halie Vasil - Ford
January 25, 2018

The funeral for my mother in law was so nice and the reception was absolutely wonderful how they set everything up and were so helpful in adding a table for items to share ,,,the entire funeral couldn't have been any nicer for a very sad occasion. Cloverdale has helped me with both my parents and my husband,,and I appreciate their kindness....I would recommend them for anyone who unfortunately needs their service. Thank you to all your staff.

Diane Shay
December 9, 2017

Really great place they had free grief counseling. Found it very beneficial to get back on track it was done with counselor who was donating her time.

October 1, 2015

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